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Water Pumps

Pumps are literally the power behind all types of water systems, from household water supplies to major irrigation schemes.

Think Water are experts at providing reliable pumping solutions that are fit for purpose. We supply all types of quality pumps including submersible, surface, electric, diesel, petrol and solar pump solutions from leading international brands. 

A borehole or private spring water system is made up of many different components and controls.

Depending upon the requirements and application there may be different pumping options or pump sizes available. Think Water supply and install quality water pumps. The flow rate and head requirements will dictate the specification of the pump and we will select from fixed speed and variable speed options. 

The specification can be made to include double or triple pump-sets that can be configured as duty-standby or duty-assist.

Every pump Think Water install is bench tested prior to installation to ensure it functions correctly:

1. Submersible Pumps: These are best suited for transferring water from storage tanks or wells to the point of use, within our range we have the option to select pumps that have integrated electronics and pressure sensors designed to automatically start and stop.

2. Surface Pumps: Can include centrifugal pumps, booster pumps and jet pumps either as individual units or built up pump sets. Within the range of booster pumps, there is a variable speed option with an integrated pressure vessel.

3. Borehole Pumps: Think Water offer a comprehensive range of borehole pumps. The depth of the borehole, quality of the water and the required flow rates will be required to size the pump.
Water Pumps

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Think Water aspires to become a leading solutions provider for the needs of accessing, processing and delivering potable,
clean water to improve lives, and products, services and solutions are available within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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