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Water Storage Tanks

A borehole or private water system is made up of many different components and controls. Depending upon the requirements and application there may be different options or sizes of water tanks available including underground options to improve aesthetics.

Storage tanks can be used if the borehole or spring does not yield enough water on demand or settlement time is required. All storage tanks for use with private drinking water systems need to be approved for use with potable water. 

Water flow and pump control are usually managed with submersible pumps, ball valves or float devices.

All-access lids need to be sealed and made tamperproof and overflows should be protected by a suitable gauze to ensure compliance with the regulations. 

During the specification of the tank, due consideration will need to be given to inlet and outlet sizing, the configuration of pipework to minimise turbulence and to ensure the correct flow of water within the tank.
Water Storage Tanks

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