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Think Water irrigation system includes a complete package of sprinklers, both fixed and rotating, in order to accommodate any type of terrain, crop or weather conditions. 

The sprinklers operate at low pressure, uniformly along with the entire pivot, reducing operating costs through low operating pressure, efficient wáter application and minimizing losses caused by evaporation, wind drift and surface run-off.

Our qualified team works with you through all stages of your project, from feasibility study to post-harvest.

Think Water's team of crop and irrigation management consultants work tirelessly to tackle the varying demands of the different projects which might require more than irrigation. According to the project conditions, our team will create the ideal design, suggest cropping patterns, prepare feasibility studies and offer financing solutions.

It starts by evaluating the irrigation efficiency of your pivot system in an effort to improve it to the highest level.

We then select the best sprinklers to fit your crop and field demand, create charts, supply weather stations and moisture sensors. Each resulting in establishing the irrigation schedules to assure you are applying the right amount of water effectively and at the right time, minimizing your operating cost, increasing your yield and optimizing your return accordingly. 

Moreover, our professional team provides various training sessions and field days for your working team to improve their skills on running and maintaining your Think Water pivots effectively.
Irrigation Solutions

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Think Water aspires to become a leading solutions provider for the needs of accessing, processing and delivering potable,
clean water to improve lives, and products, services and solutions are available within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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