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Filtration Systems

Do you really know what is in your water? Whether you are drinking it, watering the plants or using it in a coffee machine, what’s in your water matters. 

From chemicals to bacteria, there is a lot in your water that you aren’t aware of and it pays to install a filtration or water treatment system and filter out the nasties.

Filter systems range from a simple household benchtop system to remove fluoride or bacteria to a complex irrigation water treatment system with fertigation injection capability. Think Water has the expertise to design a system to suit your needs, supply the parts and ongoing filters, install it and maintain it.

Think Water sell high quality, state of the art products from an elite collection of suppliers. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with troubleshooting or offer maintenance services to keep your system running efficiently.
Filtration Systems

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Think Water aspires to become a leading solutions provider for the needs of accessing, processing and delivering potable,
clean water to improve lives, and products, services and solutions are available within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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