Water Boreholes and Water Filtration Systems

After drilling of the borehole and testing for the amount of water produced from the well a suitable borehole pump is then permanently installed and a water sample(s) taken to be analysed for chemical and bacterial properties at registered laboratory.

On return of the water results, along with the flow rates of the installed pump, Clients requirements and the water production rate for the borehole we will then determine the type of water filtration system that is required to produce potable drinking water to comply with the Private Water Supply Regulations.

Basic filtration will be a Sediment filter and UV light for removal of any bacterial infection, this should be installed as a minimum requirement to protect small children and elder persons from stomach upsets caused by naturally occurring bacteria’s found in all waters.

More complex systems may require water filtration for the removal of iron and manganese, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, hardness, turbidity and bacteria along with other chemicals or even softners and reverse osmosis to remove high salts.

Once fitted a further water test will be undertaken to ensure the water filtration system is performing correctly, or if it needs tweaking, to improve the water quality before a final test will be taken by the local Environmental Health officer if the water is being used for a public water source, such as hotels, fitness centres, etc.

Water used for agricultural or industrial process will not generally require any specific filtration requirements but may require specialised installations such as Carbon Filters or Chlorine Removal Filters for specific processes which can also be sized and installed.

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