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The Best Borehole Drilling Company In Zimbabwe - Why Nakiso Borehole Drilling is Home of Excellence

Nakiso Borehole Drilling is making inroads in the highly competitive water provision sector, creating a lot of buzz and interest.

In a bid to get a personal experience of their daily activities, this writer visited their premises recently as a prospective client. On arrival at 45 Glenara South Eastlea, the company billboard directed me into a well-maintained, spacious yard.

At the far right corner, a small but neat office crops up. Outside the reception, neatly displayed borehole products quickly engaged my wandering attention, showcasing a wide selection of products. The display temporarily becomes a mini-exhibition that gives a potential customer a quick survey of services on offer.

The neat offices, decorated with a natural colour offers an inviting aura, before stepping into the decorated reception area. Once I was inside, two ladies welcomed me with genuine broad smiles that made me feel at home.

One of the ladies promptly assisted me, offering me a sit in the process. I sat on the comfortable seats, reflecting on my past experiences at other companies. I quickly noted a few actions that make them overtake their peers. 

1. Excellent client relationship: The entire workforce exudes with energy and confidence that gives hope to any client who wants to spend their money. In addition, they have a rare enthusiasm, zeal to accomplish any given task, moving with speed to accomplish given assignments. 

2. Quick response to clients: As a priority, Nakiso Borehole Drilling staff are committed to offering timely, efficient communication, this helps a client to know that their project is being prioritised. They are also open and honest with their clients’ needs and goals, making sure that your concerns are being taken seriously. The team promptly responses to callbacks, queries on social media and emails.

NB: Please don’t expect this to be done after working hours and during weekends. 

3. Client acknowledgement: People want to feel loved and important, especially in a new environment. And as soon as I walked into the Nakiso Borehole Drilling reception area, I was addressed as ‘sir’. This acknowledgement has become rare and it made me feel human in a new setting. At least they viewed me as a person, not another potential sale like what I had witnessed elsewhere.

4. Patience with customers: Nakiso Borehole Drilling makes it a priority to invest time to clearly explain their expertise to customers. This helps clients to understand what they do, which build trust and confidence in the process. Furthermore, they explain to clients what they will do, how they will do it, and why they came to that decision, equipping a client to feel knowledgeable and become part of the process. 

5. Exceed expectations: With some borehole drilling companies that I researched, there is little information or none at all on their operations. But with Nakiso Borehole Drilling, they invest time and resources to offer clients a clear picture of what to expect for their investment, making sure they don’t oversell but always deliver exceptional results. The staff will make it a priority to put a smile to every client they serve.

And they have been active in communities, drilling boreholes to provide water to the less privileged.
My stopover at Nakiso Bore Drilling was an eye-opening experience – and I urge you to visit them.
The Best Borehole Drilling Company In Zimbabwe - Why Nakiso Borehole Drilling is Home of Excellence

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